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Services include: certified personal coach, and mobile public notary service

 Life Coaching Session $88

  • Regain your enthusiasm for life
  • Get support to set boundaries to build healthy relationships
  • Journey to connect with your inner strength so you can walk comfortably into the life you want
  • Gain clarity and write your best plan to follow
  • Envision your new beginning to be successful and happy
  • Inspire others to achieve their goals


“I was at a point in life where I felt stuck and needed someone to talk to. It felt like I had the answers but they were being blocked by a brick wall. After a couple of sessions with Sabrena, I was able to gain clarity. She helped me find myself and scale tat brick wall and I became a better person for it. I’ve been able to push my professional career even further because she helped me understand that I am worthy



Consulting services to get your manuscript ready for print. For authors, poets, and writers to get help with their creative written work.  

Format-Your-Book Consultation $44

  • Bring your creative script to life
  • Help to accomplish birthing your book
  • Bring knowledge, joy, hope, and imagination to the lives of others

“My 1 hour session with Ms. Sabrena Sharonne was both very informative and professional. She provided clear guidance on where to begin, as it pertains to getting your book ready for printing and her advice was sincere ….. She also edited a couple of pages from my manuscript prior to our call session, which gave me more confidence to further invest with her . I am looking forward to working with her in the very near future”

-Divinity 🌹