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Business Assistance

Professional business services at your fingertips.

Services include: administration, business startup planning, bookkeeping, courier, invoicing, and public notary service

 Deluxe Package starting at $30

  • Up to 1 (one) hour of service. This package is perfect for you if you have a specific task that can be completed in one hour. If you need help with anything from public notary to bookkeeping.

Essentials Package starting at $225

  • Up to 8 (eight) hours of service. Need help to clear up your to-do list? This is for you if you need administrative help or personal assistance with any tasks to be done weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. 

 LifeStyle Package starting at $990

  •  Up to 36 (thirty-six) hours of service This package is designed to cover all your needs, from virtual office management to updating website information. Anything that will help relieve stress and give you back some time to enjoy life.


Consulting services to get your manuscript ready for print. For authors, poets, and writers to get help with the creative written work.  

Format-Your-Book Consultation $50

  • Bring your creative script to life
  • Help to accomplish birthing your book
  • Bring knowledge, joy, hope, and imagination to the lives of others

“My 1 hour session with Ms. Sabrena Sharonne was both very informative and professional. She provided clear guidance on where to begin, as it pertains to getting your book ready for printing and her advice was sincere ….. She also edited a couple of pages from my manuscript prior to our call session, which gave me more confidence to further invest with her . I am looking forward to working with her in the very near future”

-Divinity 🌹